What joy, this newfound independence you’ve got being a student! Ultimately you are able to live on your own. No more curfews, no more worrying about bringing a buddy onto your parents’ house, and no more chores. Well, almost no more house work. As you know, with independence (and power) comes great responsibility. Without your mother and father around your personal place, you’ll need to take care of everything: foods, cleaning, laundry washing, and expenses. But first, you need to find the appropriate Waterloo student housing.

With your pleasure to live being a real grown-up, you may neglect the fact that you need to go take a look at several apartments or houses to discover the right off-campus dwelling. It’s not necessarily about choosing the cheapest place since you could end up with a rental that will get condemned halfway through your semester with the university. You may get a few people to rent an entire house together however you’d experience diverging personalities, that may cause some very stressful days. One or two roommates could end up bolting and you’ll be left to pay their share in the rent. So be sure you’ve considered your chosen living situation before you begin looking at places off-campus.

Once you’ve determined whether you’re better off living on your own or with a number of other people, inspect the apartment thoroughly. Never compromise on low quality features just like windows that don’t open, faucets that leak, and loose floors. It’s also essential to check for mould and bedbugs, which, if undisclosed from your landlord, could be grounds to break your lease and litigation in case your health is sacrificed. Also, look into the door locks and make sure with your landlord if they’ll have the ability to change it out when you transfer so that you won’t need to panic about the last tenant still accessing the area.

Always read your lease before signing on a student housing Waterloo landlords offer. Look for policies on subletting, early exit from your lease, noise and overnight guests, fixing broken fixtures and also appliances, and reimbursement on security deposit. If ever you know a legal professional, have him or her look your lease over to make certain you aren’t getting the short end of the stick.

If you’re set on living with friends, pick responsible people. Remember, you’ll have to pay your rent and utility bills punctually. Fun individuals are fun to live with - right up until you need to hound them to pay for their share of the rent as well as the power bill. When you’re cramming for exams and doing extra shifts at work, you don’t need the added stress of a slacker roommate.

If money’s tight for living all on your own, try furnishing your home without spending. For example, graduating seniors can occasionally throw out their furniture or maybe sell it off inexpensively on Craigslist. But be mindful about “dumpster diving” for mattresses and upholstered chairs simply because they could possibly be infested with bedbugs.

Moving into an off campus student housing (Waterloo particularly) ought to be a cheerful prospect. Nonetheless it could only turn into a happy reality if you work a little hard with the selection process and if you’re clever regarding furnishing the place. If you select your apartment well, you’ll be capable of chill and enjoy the life of a completely independent college kid.

About the author:

Kristens Hoskins is an independent college student who found her life at Waterloo through Domus Student Housing.

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