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Accommodation is one of the necessary considerations people make when they aim to take a trip. If you are a vacationer or an investor who wants to visit Dubai, the city boasts of a wide range of the finest hotels in the world. But what if you want to stay longer or what if you are an investor changing towards an uncertain stay in the city?

For majority of people, nothing compares to being in a hotel; with all the facilities and services promptly at the disposal of the guest, he’ll have nothing more to ask for. If you are remaining for a longer period, you must think about the hotel apartments Dubai has to offer.

Hotel apartments are a slightly new concept that is very rapidly gaining recognition among travellers and property investors as well. The cost is the most crucial factor. If you are visiting a place for just a short duration, you'd be pleased about being in a hotel; but, if you are remaining for the long term, you'd be happier with a hotel apartment which costs considerably cheaper than a hotel.

When it comes to amenities and equipment, many of the hotel apartments in Dubai can equalize those that are provided by the top rated hotels. They are typically equipped with outstanding appliances and furniture so the occupant can conveniently feel at home- just like staying at his own house or apartment. Not like hotels, hotel apartments have their own small kitchen areas. This is a welcome feature particularly if you want to cook for yourself so you can save money that you would otherwise spend on restaurants. Or maybe, when you like to invite some guests over, you can prepare simple food. Like hotels, hotel apartments have amenities like gyms, swimming pools and laundry services. Then there are the usual creature comforts you would expect from a hotel: Wi-Fi, housekeeping and concierge services.

Venue is one of the important aspects one should look into when choosing a hotel apartment. If you are vacationing in Dubai for a substantial period of time, you would want a spot that is accessible to many kinds of methods of transportation so you wouldn't be late for your business meetings or evening dates. Probably, you'd like to explore during your day off or during the weekend, so it's a big benefit if the hotel apartment is located in an area that promotes numerous amenities for dining and relaxation.

Based on the criteria registered, hotel apartments located in the Downtown Burj area suit your purposes. The Sheikh Zayed Road, the city's main artery, courses through the area alongside Al Khail Road. It is accessible by bus or the metro station. If you are the outdoorsy kind, the seashore is just a stone’s throw away similar to the other sections of Dubai. If dining and retail is what you like to do the most, the area offers a wide variety of restaurants that appeal to a diverse array of palates. The Souk al Bahar and the Dubai Mall can completely meet anyone's requirement for shopping therapy. The area also has many important institutions and amenities such as medical clinics, parks and playgrounds.

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