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Dubai is the top destination, both for vacationers and investors, in the Middle Eastern region. From being one among the world's top oil producers, the United Arab Emirates has successfully transitioned into a commerce and tourism center with Dubai as the centerpiece. The city boasts of a unique combination of terrific incentives for companies, world-class facilities and visionary management. For tourists, the city is a shopping mecca with the world's prominent brands like Gucci, Prada and Bloomingdale's creating their presence in Dubai. If the prediction of industry experts are to be believed, the city's move for constant development shows no sign of letting up.

This fact makes properties in Dubai hot commodities. The government is constantly improving its laws and regulations to trigger economic growth while vacationers are making a beeline to test the different delights the city has to give. Foreign ownership of property is a pretty convenient affair as the local law permits non-residents to procure and own property. Outlined are the key advantages of investing in properties in Dubai:

1. Enormous returns in investment
Survey done by real estate consultancy firm CBRE has demonstrated that rental costs in Dubai have risen by an average rate of 17% with more popular locations registering impressive growth.

2. Regular source of profit
With the steady increase of travelers and investors flowing towards Dubai, and with almost 66 million travelers anticipated to pass through Dubai's airport, market demand for property is most likely to have a consistent increase. As a form of hybrid asset, property investments provide the good thing about capital appreciation of a stock and the income-generating capability of a bond.

3. Recurring value for money
Although property value may decrease, properties practically always raise their value.

4. More control
Unlike the forex or stock market, property investment is a simple venture, making it the best type of investment for beginners. Because the investor is dealing with an actual commodity, it is easier for him to know the concepts and additionally diversify his investments.

5. Suitable collateral
If you are searching for funding for another venture, properties act as extremely good collateral that can offer the best deals in financing.

Dubai offers a number of property investment opportunities. If you are aiming to invest in a powerful performer, your ideal bet shall be to invest in hotel apartments in the downtown Burj area. Downtown Burj area is one of the most desired addresses in Dubai owing to the several attractions it provides to both tourists and entrepreneurs. Hotel apartments, furthermore, are observed to have a spike in demand as they promote the one-of-a-kind blend of the homely ambience of an apartment with the unparalleled hospitality offered by hotels.   

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