You can earn revenue from investment properties in two ways: the first one is by selling them after allowing their value to go up on a particular period of time and the second way is by leasing them to people who want to live in the area. However, whether you intend on selling properties for a profit in the future or simply renting them out, the things that could influence investment property values are still exactly the same. Lauchlan Leishman, head of the Berkeley Capital Group, a real estate investment company that specialises in international properties, reveals 4 fundamental features of the house that may tremendously impact the results of your investment:

The area and type of neighbourhood - These kinds of elements are the most critical since they will determine what sort of tenants will be living in your investment property. For instance, if you purchase apartment in a college neighbourhood or a house, your tenants are going to be consisted primarily of students (as well as some school personnel or teachers, maybe). While students generally pay rent or lease on time, this setup will also mean that there are going to be periods when you won't generate profit, like during summer vacations. On the other hand, investing in a house to let in a family-driven neighbourhood may lead to more secure income for the years to come.

Tax on property - As an investor, some of your biggest considerations consist of expenses that may reduce revenue from your property. Apart from occasional expenses on maintenance and renovation, property taxes could also take a huge slice of your rent earnings regularly. One way to obtain information about property taxes would be to talk to property owners in the neighbourhood. In the event you can’t acquire information from these persons, you can also consult the local assessment office for more information.

Amenities and schools nearby - Besides location as well as type of neighbourhood, establishments found in the area may also help identify the sort of people you have. Locations that are close to busy job districts and entertainment centres are more inclined to entice young professionals, while people who are close to good quality educational institutions, parks or marketplaces are going to be more desirable to families. Educational institutions are a really attractive element, since they can draw in families who want to live in the area for a long time.

Crime and safety - Places with a low crime rate are sure to earn good reputations - which could also help improve property values. Along with making your investment decision much more lucrative, safety guarantees that your tenants will be staying in the property for extended time periods. This means that you will acquire a regular income and you also won’t need to try to find new tenants repeatedly.

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Larry Wilson is an owner of car transport service company. He wanted to expand his business and he employs the service of Lauchlan Leishman in looking for a property that will best suit his business.

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