Hotel Apartment In Dubai
Comparable to a haven in a gigantic area of barrenness, Dubai has developed as the premier destination for both business and leisure. Just this past year, a total of 72 million tourists went to the country while Dubai Airports forecasts that the airport will handle 66 million passengers this year. Both the Bank of America and Merrill Lynch visualize a 33% increase in hotel occupancy by 2020 which in turn will increase the demand for hotel apartments in Dubai.

As is the case with establishing a brick-and-mortar shop, location is of major significance to property investment. Several companies are drawn to make an investment in Dubai being a result of its government's dedication to stimulating the growth of commerce. Alongside having world-class infrastructure and information and communication facilities, investors can benefit from tax-exempt policies as well as penalty-free repatriation  of income. Even with  the increase of investors in the region, its government is continually enhancing the business climate to gain even more investors. The upgrades involve the launching of certain companies for most ownership by foreigners, the reduction of the time required for launching a business and the strengthening of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, Mercer's Quality of Life Index has rated Dubai as the best city in the region. The city has emerged as the well liked destination of expatriates considering the different attractions it features. The city is deemed as among the world's largest shopping destinations, encouraging several of the most renowned and most sough-after products like Gucci, Prada, Versace, FENDI, Victoria's Secret and Bloomingdale’s. With year-round fair weather, both sightseers and foreigners won't be at a loss for events to attempt and experience.

As opposed to other big cities where overcrowding is a major concern, Dubai boasts of an enviable transport system. The Dubai Metro, the world's biggest underground metro station, can conveniently transport its passengers to their destination. The city additionally delivers top-quality buses and hi-tech cabs to give passengers alternative ways of transport.

Dubai is a real melting pot of cultures with the existence of foreigners from approximately 200 nationalities. But despite the diversity of cultures, the city is seen as one of the most secure places to reside in because of a culture of tolerance.

How encouraging is the property market in the city? According to real estate consultancy agency CBRE, rental rates in the region increased by about 17% with preferred locations registering relatively higher increases. These numbers are anticipated to raise in the long run as Dubai continues to assert its popularity in the region.

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